Monday, October 19, 2009

Herta Llusho Still Needs Your Help

Herta Llusho was supposed to be deported to her native Albania in August. Ridiculous that a girl who came to America at the age of 11, became totally Americanized, is an honor student currently enrolled at the University of Detroit studying electrical engineering and wants to stay here, should be sent back to Albania on a technicality isn't it?. But that is what was about to happen until websites like Citizen Orange and Dreamactivist. org got involved. Her fellow Americans on and offline rallied around Herta's cause. I wrote this in August. The pressure worked and Herta was granted an extension till November 9th. But she's not out of the woods yet and she still needs your help.

How You Can Help Herta

The Dreamactivist website has posted a very complete list of instructions on who to contact and how to do it. Here are some of the more important ones. Check the link above for a more complete list.
  1. Call Janet Napolitano, Director of Department of Homeland Security, and leave comments of support for Herta and also ask that DHS stop her deportation: 202-282-8495 **note this is an answering machine, once it is full it is out of commission for day. Fill it up now with Herta calls.
  2. Call Assistant Secretary to ICE, John Morton and leave a message urging him to take action and defer Herta’s deportation: 202.732.3000 **Note this is a live comment line, i.e. a human being will pick up and take your message.** Be very polite “I am calling to leave a message of support for Herta Llusho who is being deported tomorrow, . I ask that Director Morton contact the Michigan field Director and defer Herta’s deportation, she is an asset to this country.”
  3. Call LaSal Austin, director of the local DHS in Michigan, at 313-259-8562. Urge him to take legislators’ (Senator Carl Levin and congresswoman Kilpatrick) leads and take immediate action to defer the deportation of Herta Llusho.

Be sure to join the Facebook group and to check it regularly for updates. You might also like to see Herta's heartfelt thank you in the video below. You'll see when you watch it what a really cool, very American girl she is. Let's not let her get deported. Let's keep her here at home where she belongs.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong for Herta to return to her own country?
There is a good school there, too. University of Tirana Engineering Faculty is not bad at all. And she can better achieve her ideals by returning there. Rules are rules. They are for a reason.

JamaGenie said...

Rules can be bent when necessary. Why would the U.S. want to send a totally Americanized **honor student** to another country. If you haven't looked lately, America is not exactly knee deep in serious, motivated students. Plus Herta is that rarity - polite. In her chosen profession she will definitely NOT be a drain on our social service resources, plus she is a wonderful example of "Come to America, achieve your dream".

Children brought to America illegally by their parents should be **exempt** from deportation until they commit crimes or otherwise demonstrate they are less than model citizens. Instead of threatening deportation, why not help them obtain legal citizenship?

Deport the parents if necessary, but let the kids stay if they choose to do so.

pinkpackrat said...

Anonymous-- there is nothing wrong with Albania and if Herta wanted to go there, no problem. But she is in school here and wants to stay here and make her life here and become an American citizen. Why shouldn't she be able to do that? Certainly, she will be an asset to both Albania and the United States wherever she chooses to live.

Please don't think this campaign is against Albania-- it is not. It is for Herta and students like her who are being deported against their will.