Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Poetry for the 21st Century by Eric Allen Bell

This is a cry for our times, but you won't have to listen more than once to get it.  It's a 21st century morality play-- not that there is much morality in the 21st century-- and a work of pure genius.  The snippet below should whet your appetite.   Go ahead. Listen and  weep and then pass it on.  This video is too good not to share.

"The ruling gods of Capital
And their high powered friends
Keep faces buried in Mercedes Benz
The new Mercedes ME class
Equipped with public opinion steering
And passenger side body bag
There's never been a better time to own one
See your dealer today"


Words (c) Copyright 1995 ERIC ALLEN BELL
Video (c) Copyright 2011 ERIC ALLEN BELL

Monday, September 26, 2011

Goldman Sachs Rules the World

That's the gospel according to a venal but honest Wall Street  trader named, Alessio Rastani . Check out what he has to say on the video below.   His comment to the BBC  on the subject of the Eurozone bail out was breathtaking, or as the interviewer said, "jaw-dropping."

The interviewer asked him if he thought that  financial disaster could be averted and he said " I don't care. It doesn't matter."  Huh? Can you believe it?  He doesn't care because all those people living in their cars and children going hungry don't matter because hard times are just a wonderful financial opportunity for him and his ilk.  He's been hoping for another depression because there were people who made fortunes during the last one. He said that. He really did. I thought the BBC lady was going to choke.  He went on to observe " Governments don't run the world. Goldman Sachs runs the world"

Maybe Goldman Sachs runs his world, but it doesn't run mine.  And I bet someone from Goldman Sachs will be in touch with him soon  for spilling the beans on TV .  I hope they at least have the good grace to be embarrassed.

Talk about being out of touch.  Talk about having no moral compass.  This guy makes Marie Antoinette look like a bleeding heart liberal. Watch the video. Your jaw will drop too.  If it weren't so shocking it would be funny.  Is this what we have come to as a nation?

Shame on us!!!

Born To Run But Not in 2012

The GOP wants him, they love him, they woo him but it ain't gonna happen.  Chris Christie is like a virgin at a Jersey Shore beer blast...... tantilizingly out of reach and always holding out the promise of " not now but maybe later"

Christie takes his orders from above and is not gonna do anything to louse up his gig here in the Garden State. Between Bachmann, Perry, and ( God help us all) Donald Trump, the GOP has really been scrambling to come up with a date for the prom. Mittins is their only viable candidate so far for 2012-- but even with an opening big enough to drive a truck through, I think Christie is saving himself for 2016. 

Meanwhile, here in New Jersey, Big Chris  keeps making us offers we cannot refuse.  

Stay tuned, America. 

H/T to New Jersey Newsroom for cartoon by Mike Scott

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cancer and Heart Disease Are the Real Killers Not Terrorism

Relax America-- This Sunday Infographic from  ProseBeforeHos shows it all.  These are the REAL odds of you dying in a Terrorist attack.  Get a grip and lighten up and stop being so scared.  Something is going to kill you someday, but it probably won't be a terrorist.

Just thought I"d mention it.  Have a great week-end

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A World of Progress on BlogTalk 'Radio

I've been tuning in on Sunday nights at 7:30 EDT to  AWOP radio ( thats short for A World of Progress) and I just want to share that this is a fabulous internet radio show for anyone interested in progressive issues.  It offers good conversation and a liberal but sane perspective.  Hie yourself on over to AWOP's Progressive Media Center and download a couple of podcasts of past shows and give a listen. You'll see what I mean.

Co hosts Kim G. and Momma Politico are tackling the big issues that won't go away with great guests and tell-it-like it is conversation about the things that really matter.  Their aim is to air the voices that need to be heard and that is exactly what they do for two hours every Sunday evening.

Guest interviews are interspersed with great music and  host chat and listener call in questions.  Recent shows have  tackled healthcare for the uninsured in America, how the GOP is eviscerating public education, women and the Arab Spring with former CNN middle east expert, Octavia Nassar , and just last week an interview with Wendell Potter, whistle blower and author of the book Deadly Spin. All of this is interspersed with kickass country music and cool political satire. There is never a dull moment, I assure you.

Kim G. is the founder of A World of Progress and the brains behind its expansion into  growing multi faceted online presence dedicated to honest progressive principles and the airing of the truth.  A native Texan, Kim, after a stint in the Air Force and service in combat as a medic during the first Gulf War, carrved out a successful corporate career in the health care insudstry( and I do mean industry)

She did well and  ended up with big bucks and a place in the boardroom, but life in the fast lane just didn't do it for her, and after seeing  the dark underbelly of American capitalism, Kim cashed in her chips and checked out, opting for a spiritual retreat to a remote cabin in the mountains of North Carolina.

AWOP radio came out of Kim's personal voyage of self discovery on that mountaintop and it shows. The guests she features, the music she chooses, the issues she tackles all reflect a marvelous concern and authenticity that is rare on the American political scene these days. I'm thinking we need more of this kind of thing all along the political spectrum and throughout the media.  Personally, I am totally in support of someone whose loyalty to ethical concerns trumps money, power, and the bottom lline.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

One More Rick Perry Joke

I love Zina Saunders. Her political sensibilities are right on the money ( to coin a phrase) and she hasn't lost her sense of humor ( which is more than I can say for myself, at least when it comes to Rick Perry)

Rick Perry is the new Sarah Palin, enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, shocking and amusing us all and generally acting like a Texas fool.  Cable news loves him and so do bloggers.  He brings those eyeballs to the screen and gives everyone a chance to build traffic and make money.

I cannot believe that he will still be a contender six months from now.

If he is, we are all in trouble.  This is a guy who really thinks the earth is flat.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is Eric Cantor The Marie Antoinette of The GOP?


House Majority Leader,Eric Cantor, ( R, Va.) has an uncanny sense of timing.  Right in the middle of Hurricane Irene ( while my electricity was off and my basement filling with water) he evidently re-iterated  his " let them eat cake" position first taken after tornadoes devastated Joplin, Missouri in May.  

To wit:
 “If there is support for a supplemental, it would be accompanied by support for having pay-fors to that supplemental,” Mr. Cantor, Virginia Republican, told reporters at the Capitol. The term “pay-fors” is used by lawmakers to signal cuts or tax increases used to pay for new spending."

That was what Cantor had to say in May about Joplin.  Just as Hurricane Irene was  making her way up the East Coast Cantor opened is mouth again on Fox News to say that disaster relief for victims of last week's earthquake( the epicenter of which was in his home district) and Hurricane Irene should only be available if offset by cuts in other programs.

This is a good idea in theory, but only if it comes out of the pockets of people or organizations that can afford it. How do I know that the offsets he has in mind are not the pentagon, or corporate tax breaks, or a special temporary disaster tax for the very rich, or a national gas tax-- all of which would be fine.

  But I bet Cantor has in mind cutting early childhood education, or food stamps or medicare or something involving powerless people who can't fight back. GOP bailouts seem to be for bankers and corporations only.

I notice Cantor has shut his mouth in the last day or so.  Maybe folks in his district who were hit hard by the earthquake complained, or maybe somebody clued him in to what happened to Marie Antoinette when she under-estimated " the little people."

Update:  as of an hour ago, Cantor seems to have gotten the message and has clarified his position and walked it back a bit, as per this great TPM post