Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck Restores Racism to America


If you want to know who attended Glenn Beck's " Restoring Honor" Rally at the Lincoln Memorial last week-end, have a look at the video below.  It is a series of interviews that will just blow your mind ( and you won't believe the fashion statements either)

What a mad melange of racism and xenophobia, not to mention ignorance.  These folks know how to parrot what they are told but not how to think for themselves. Clearly the inmates are running the asylum. Glenn Beck may be restoring  something to America, but it is certainly not honor. 

God help Glenn Beck and God help America is all I can say

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Amy Beth Arkawy said...

Thanks for the great post, p.p.

It seems that most gathered for Beck's "I Have a SCHEME" speech shared the same brain. Too bad it was a low voltage model. On the plus side, most never heard Beck call Obama a racist. Guess not as many people watch his show... or Fox News as they'd have us believe. Just like the crowd of "2 million" that assembled for one last gasp of inspiration from the rodeo clown turned prophet in the last bastion of hope.

God help America, indeed. As for Glenn Beck, he's on his own!