Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Terrorists, Drones and the Eiffel Tower

Listen up my fellow Americans.  Take your eyes off the mid terms long enough to look out into the world and see that today's news is full of intelligence info that would make Hollywood proud.  Just in case you  got so carried away by the right wing nut jobs at home that you forgot about Islamist terrorists abroad, here's a reminder.

It seems that a German national and would-be jihadist captured in the Afghanistan/ Pakistan border area, has been talking and giving up details of a  massive,credible, coordinated, shoot-em up Mumbai-style attack on London, Paris, and several German cities.  American targets just may also be involved. .According to today's Christian Science Monitor:

"Western intelligence officials have reportedly uncovered an Al Qaeda plot to carry out coordinated Mumbai-style terrorist attacks in major cities in Britain, France, Germany, and possibly the United States, according to unnamed counterterrorism and intelligence sources in Western governments.
The would-be attackers reportedly planned to operate in small teams of heavily armed gunmen who would capture and execute Western hostages in Europe, similar to the attacks carried out in Mumbai in 2008 where 10 gunmen killed 166 people and injured more than 300 more."--Christian Science Monitor
 So, now you know why drone attacks on the Pakistan border areas have been stepped up and why Paris' Eiffel Tower has been evacuated and shut down twice in the past two weeks and why the entire country of France is now on high alert.

Europe is nervous and for good reason.  The threat is still out there and while some sources are saying it has been foiled by the confessions of the captured  jihadist, others are not so sure.  Just google" terrorist threat, Eiffel Tower"" and you will see what I mean.

It isn't over till it's over, folks. And it looks like the second act may be just about to begin.  I am praying that this attack truly has been foiled and that once more we have dodged the bullet. Let's not get so carried away by our own internal wrangling that we forget that we are part of a larger, world community.

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