Saturday, June 4, 2011

Get on The Palin Bus

The way I see it, Sarah Barracuda is getting her PAC to pay for a family vacation, while she basks in the glow of media attention and coyly avoids questions about her 2012 plans.  Her pizza party with Donald Trump over the holiday week-end kind of said it all.

Don't worry about Sister Sarah-- she's not a serious player.  She's just on a narcissistic high. The GOP may be scraping the bottom of the barrel, but it still has some smarts left.

Enjoy your vacation, Sarah and leave politics to the pros- OK?


Virgil said...

Looks like I'm the big 58 follower of this awesome blog! Love it!:)

pinkpackrat said...

Yayyyy Virgil--I went over and checked out YOUR awesome blog and I'm following you now too and definitely adding you to my blogroll. Thanks for stopping by. Let's roll:-)