Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Michelle Bachmann All Christian-y And Bright

Now that Michelle Bachmann has thrown her hat in the ring, the right wing can breathe easy knowing that the "kill a Commie for Christ", God's on our side, Christian-nation mythology of American Exceptionalism has found its Joan of Arc

Zina Saunders, is a genius whose editorial video cartoons are gems of irony.  Her original hymn to MIchelle Bachmann from the Evangelical Right Wing, Jesus loves America crowd,  hits the nail right on the head.  Just what did we fight the  Civil War over, anyway? Refresh my recollection, will ya?

If you appreciate the irony of  Michelle Bachmann's version of American history vs. the real thing, you are gonna love it. Have a look.The words to the hymn are printed below the video so feel  free to sing along:-)


Here we cringe in terror of
The darkness that began
Two years ago when Satan’s army
Marched across our land

Our nation has a sacred mission,
Jesus tells us so,
No commie pinko socialist
Should ever run the show

"Repent!" we cried, "You blasphemer!
Your plan is plain to see
You want to make our kiddies gay
And turn us muslim-y!"

We fought him in state houses
We fought him on the Hill
We cried and lied and kicked our feet
About his healthcare bill   

And so we here beseech you, Lord,
To save us from this fate
Our nation should be Christian-y
And not the devil's state

O look! What doth approacheth!
A vision fierce and bright!
A smile so big and bite-y,
So itchy for a fight!

She it is will leads us!
She's Jesus-y, alright!
It’s Bachmann to the rescue,
All Christian-y and bright.

H/T  Mother Jones

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