Friday, January 20, 2012

Eye of Newt and Tongue of Marianne Gingrich

Washington may be full of two -timing, narcissistic political husbands, but Newt Gingrich is something special.  Like Lady MacBeth, his ex-wife Marianne is nobody to mess with.  Her Thursday night interview on ABC put a spotlight on the dark corners  of  the GOP living room where a herd of elephants lurks this election season.

I have watched excerpts from the interview (see the video below) and have been surprised that Marianne, 12 years later, seems to be only minimally bitter and has just gotten on with her life.  This lends credability to her as a person and to her reports of  her marriage and Newt's infidelities.  She answers the interviewers questions rather dispassionately, all things considered, but what she has to say is damning indeed.

Marianne was Newt's second wife.  He left his first wife, Jackie, a month or so after she was diagnosed with cancer.  He left Marianne soon after she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis -- strike one!  Strike two is that he carried on a six year affair with Calista while married to Marianne and asked Marianne at first for an " open marriage" so he could have both a wife and mistress and only sued for divorce when forced to choose.  What has all that to do with his politics you ask?

That is strike three and the biggesrt strike of all against him. Consider that Newt was a standard bearer for impeaching Bill Clinton over Monica Lewinsky and is a fierce opponent of gay marriage and abortion because ( get this) he champions family values.  Are you finished laughing yet?  Oh yes, and did I mention that he asked God to forgive his sins and God did.  Newt knows because God told him so.

Politically, both Obama supporters like me, and the Ron Paul crowd ( not me) are licking their chops over the possiblity of Newt as Republican front runner.  I bet Calista is a happy camper too and  is already planning her state dinners in  the White House.  Now, you and I know that Calista is going to be very disappointed when Newt doesn't make it to the Presidency.  But look on the bright side, she's 23 years younger than Newt and still has time for another husband if Newt  doesn't make the grade-- which he won't.  When that happens, I'm wondering how long Calista will stick around. Anybody want to give me odds?

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