Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mitt Romney Won Iowa. Why Am I Not Surprised?

Mitt Romney winning Iowa is a real so what-- a big, fat yawn.  Didn't we know this would be the outcome?  The media were ginning up the competition like it was an episode of  Survivor, but really there was never any doubt. The only thing of relatively minor interest is that he won by only eight votes and that Rick Santorum came in a close second-- but I'm not really surprised at that either and in the long run it makes no difference.

The dirty little secret is that the Iowa Caucuses have little to do with electing a Republican candidate.   They are more media merchandising opportunity and entertainment than political primary or a chance to  evaluate a potential president. Their purpose goes back to ancient Rome and the bread and circuses provided to keep the masses pliant while the emperor and his minions made the real decisions.

MItt runs on D-cell batteries and looks for all the world like he should have a wind up key in his back.  He's been called a Ken doll and worse, but it doesn't matter. He'll support the corporate and governmental establishment.  He's got the money and the connections and he is the most broadly palatable candidate in the Republican clown car so he is gonna get the brass ring. Santorum may play well in the boonies( and outside of  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the boonies) but the cigar smoking Washington boys in the back room are definitely not going to let him into the club-- at least not this year.

It's already been decided, so lean back, pass the popcorn and enjoy the show.  This all bodes very well for Obama.  Thank you, Iowa

cartoon source:: donkeyhotey via flickr creative commons


Doug B said...

He's got really nice hair and looks like a president. Yeah, I'd bet the house he gets the nomination.

Wasn't it absolutely amazing how the media milked this mostly insignificant event for all it was worth and a whole lot more?

As Santorum gets more attention the more he will display his knack for saying really dumb things. Newt's the anti-Christ, Perry can't last much longer, Michelle's gone, and Paul would probably prefer to run as an independent anyway. Who is left?

pinkpackrat said...

I agree--Mitt is the man for the Republicans-- that said, many of us thought that Hillary had the nomination locked up in 2008 before Obama appeared on the scene so you never know--but I really think we need a better way to do this. The media circus is really getting on my nerves. BTW you are right about Mitt's hair and I love the post you wrote on your blog about this today. putting a link here just in case anybody else wants to go read it.

Doug B said...

You're right about Hillary in '08. But I don't see the same thing happening this year in the GOP - unless perchance Huntsman catches on. It remains to be seen.

Thanks for the link. I really appreciate that.

JamaGenie said...

Wonder how many votes Romney would've gotten if he ran under his real name: Willard. Personally, I think it should be a requirement that candidates for the highest office in the land use their real name when campaigning. To use nicknames reduces the process to the level of choosing a Prom King or Queen, not the person who'll be interacting with other world leaders on a daily basis. Right now the crop of GOP hopefuls consists of TWO Ricks, a Mitt, a Newt and a Ron. And we wonder why the rest of the world considers the American political system such a joke.

pinkpackrat said...

Hmmmm he seems more like a Willard than a Mitt too:-)