Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mission Really Accomplished This Time

They say an elephant never forgets-- unless it is the GOP elephant criticizing  the President for talking about taking out Osama bin Laden  on the occasion of the first anniversary of bin Laden's death. That elephant has a very selective memory indeed.  That elephant trumpeted far and wide that Obama was using the occasion for cheap political gain.

Tell me, my pachyderm pals, do the words " Mission Accomplished" ring a bell?  Do any of  you recall little Georgie Bush, all dressed up like a real aviator, dropping onto the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln  amidst military bands and much fanfare?  Talk about politics!!!!

 Does anybody but me  remember George Bush proudly proclaiming " mission accomplished" while patting himself on the back and taking a victory lap long before there was a victory to celebrate?  In fact, May 1, 2003, when George Bush made that speech, was when things were just heating up in Iraq and Afghanistan. To use another well worn phrase,the chickens were only beginning to come home to roost.

Yes, indeed, the GOP elephant needs to remember that while George Bush was good at swaggering around the deck of an aircraft carrier in costume, and also not bad at " Dead or Alive" speeches, Obama is the guy who delivered the goods. Note, dear elephant, that for many of us, criticizing Obama and trying to paint him as a braggart, only underlines that reality.

  In Obama's case, a victory lap really IS in order.

cartoon source: Ed Steinink


JamaGenie said...

The GOP is, and has been for a long time, "all hat and no cattle". When Rethugs started whining about Obama "politicizing" killing bin Laden, my first thought, too, was Dubya's "Mission Accomplished" extravaganza.

The GOP motto is "Believe what we SAY and ignore what we DON'T do".

Little Georgie had the same resources at his disposal that Obama did to QUIETLY hunt down bin Laden, but chose "hat" (grandstanding) over substance. Two wars that have cost us trillions, way too many lives AND put a huge dent in America's standing in the world did NOT catch bin Laden, but one secret, well-planned raid by a SEAL team DID.

The GOP needs to stop being pissed that a half-black guy occupies THEIR prize office and start acting like grown-ups. Obama did what Bush himself admits he chose NOT to do, and therefore has every right to brag that bin Laden was caught and killed on HIS watch, not Bush's.

pinkpackrat said...

You bring up a good point, Jama-- Bush said killing Bin Laden was not really important. I had forgotten that LOL

Ahab said...

I'm not surprised that the Republicans would be sore losers.

pinkpackrat said...

I'm not surprised either, Ahab-- saddened, but not surprised.