Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Truth About Federal Spending Under President Obama

The Romney campaign would have you believe that the Obama Administration has increased  Federal spending by leaps and bounds during its time in office.  You get the impression Obama has been handing out money left and right.   It's a total fabrication; a scare tactic designed to frighten you into voting Republican.  Don't you believe it. Compared to his predecessor, Obama is remarkably frugal.

Notice on the graph above how Obama compares to George W. in terms of increase in government spending.  Interesting to note that the Carter Administration leaves both men in the dust when it comes to spending.

The truth is that President Obama inherited  the worst situation since the Great Depression and he has essentially turned things around without breaking the bank. Check out the facts at the Obama-Biden website, where you can get more information and lend your support to the President's re-election campaign. Obama is doing a good job.  We need four more years.

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