Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney Moves to the Dark Side. Picks Paul Ryan As Running Mate

There were whispers and rumors about this all week long and now Mittens has officially left his moderate Republican roots behind in Massachusetts by choosing Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate. He's really gone over to the dark side of  "Trickle Down"  fairy dust budgets and the Tea Party Paranoia.

 Just in case you don't realize how big a leap this is for formerly moderate Mitt, let me refresh your recollection.  Romney is the guy who set up a single payer, government funded health care system in Massachusetts when he was governor there. He was pro-choice back then, and  took many moderate,centrist political positions.  Now, he's climbing into bed with one of the most conservative, right wing, members of Congress as a running mate.  Guess what you can expect if Mitt gets elected?  Does the name George W. Bush ring a bell?

Congressman Paul Ryan has represented the State of Wisconsin since 1999.  He is currently head of the House Budget Committee and one of Washington's most powerful, conservative policy makers.  You've perhaps heard of the " Ryan Budget"  of which he is the author?

  The Ryan Budget would turn Medicare from a public entitlement to a voucher system ( remember when Bush wanted to privatize social security and turn it over to Wall Street just before the bubble burst?) But I digress-- let's get back to the Ryan Budget.  It would shrink food stamps, gut Medicaid and turn it completely into state block grants, and basically eliminate most Federal spending on what is left of the safety net for ordinary folks At the same time, in order to " create jobs" the budget calls for lowering taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals-- the 1% to you and me.

Job Creation Vs. Taxes

 Trickle down theory says that the top 1% create jobs for the bottom 90%.  Real life evidence suggests the opposite is true-- the bottom 90% buy goods and services when they have money in their pockets.
By choosing Ryan, Mitt Romney has drawn a line in the sand.   The choice of Paul Ryan clearly states what a Romney Administration would be like for the 1% and for the rest of us.  Personally, I'm not up for seeing old folks eating out of garbage cans and children going to bed hungry.

That's not my America and I hope it's not yours. I'm voting for Obama


JamaGenie said...

I can't see how even the Koch Brothers billions and Karl Rove's super pac $$$ can sell a ticket that intends to eliminate every safety net left to millions of seniors and unemployed citizens already living on the edge (or in their cars).

However... We (and Mitt & Ryan) should not forget that that Mittens hasn't been OFFICIALLY nominated by the Republican Party as its 2012 presidential candidate. That can only happen at the convention. Many Repubs are underwhelmed with Romney's chances of beating Obama, even more so now that he's named the Tea Party "Wonder Boy" as his running mate. There's already a movement underway to set aside the Repub primary results that Romney won to allow delegates to hold a brokered convention, i.e. pick another candidate. Each party has always had this option. In fact, this was the way it used to be done as late as the 1960s in back room meetings at their conventions.

Of course, the person the Rethugs would most like to run would be Jeb Bush, but there's NO WAY American voters would allow another Bush in the Oval Office.

Personally, I hope...pray...the Rethugs DON'T opt for a brokered convention. The team of Romney-Ryan absolutely guarantees Obama will win a second term! ;D

Roberta Kyle said...

I totally agree with you -- Obama is a lucky man this year first with Romney Ryan and Todd Aikin is the icing on the cake.