Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sarah Palin Calls for Democrats to Play Nice. Who Can Take Her Seriously? Not Jon Stewart

Sarah Palin  was at it again last week.  I guess she is suffering from media deprivation so she just had to say a few outrageous things to bring back the cameras. She's still playing the victim and still living in a distorted world where liberals wear the black hats and conservatives are good and holy.  Palin accuses evil liberals of telling lies and swears up and down she cannot think of one Republican who lies and distorts things the way liberals do. ( I guess she has never heard of Rush Limbaugh) but nevermind.

Jon Stewart got right on Sister Sarah's case.   In case you missed it, the video of the segment is below and it is a must see.... especially if you need a break from the anger and vitriol of the campaign clown show.

 Check it out for a laugh and an injection of sanity.  Sometimes I think The Daily Show is a better source of hard news than CNN and it certainly beats the pants off of FOX and MSNBC.

Thanks to Donkeyhotey on Flickr for the Sarah Palin caracature

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