Thursday, August 18, 2011

Texas Apologizes for Rick Perry

The minute Rick Perry threw his ten gallon into the ring and started shooting off his mouth, sane Texans started shaking their heads and muttering " here we go again"  Yes, Virginia, there are some very sane Texans around and even some Democrats and they are not exactly carried away by their governor.

If you want to  know the real truth about Rick Perry's record after 11 years as Texas governor, mosey on over to Meet Rick Perry  and check out where Texas stands compared to other states. Texas is:

“number one” in…
  • Percent of uninsured children (1st)
  • Percent of population uninsured (1st)
  • Amount of carbon dioxide emissions (1st)
  • Amount of toxic chemicals released into water (1st)
  • Amount of hazardous waste generated (1st)
  • Number of executions (1st)
 “number 50” in…
  • Percent of population 25 and older with a high school diploma (50th)
  • Per capita spending on mental health (50th)
  • Percent of non-elderly women with health insurance (50th)
  • Percent of women receiving prenatal care in first trimester (50th)
  • Workers’ compensation coverage (50th)

Source: Texas Legislative Study Group, Texas on the Brink 2011.

Yeeeeee-haw.  If you like Rick Perry's Texas, you're gonna love his plan for America.  No wonder Texas is issuing an apology.

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JamaGenie said...

Rick Perry wouldn't dare run for prez if Molly Ivins were still alive!