Saturday, May 10, 2014

Donald Sterling, American Media, and The Racist Ravings of an Aging Douchebag

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In a world where African terrorists are kidnapping, raping and selling innocent schoolgirls into slavery, and entire countries are going up in flames with body counts that boggle the mind, it amazes me that American attention is riveted on pathetic billionaire narcissists  like Donald Sterling

It always amazes me that what is happening to real people in this world, is always trumped in the mainstream media (left, right and center equally) by what is going on with the Kardashians or Donald Trump, and their ilk.  There is something obscene about the superficiality of it all. 

But, there it is. I turned on CNN, CBS, NBC and Fox this morning-- channel surfing  as I drank my Saturday morning  mug of coffee and found that all the talking heads were talking about Donald Sterling's latest tape : anonymously recorded and sold for big bucks, no doubt, and now going viral .  I cannot believe that legitimate commentators are sitting around a table discussing whether or not racist remarks about people of color are acceptable as a pick up line.  I am also stunned by the narcissism of an aging douchebag like Donald Sterling thinking that explaining that his racist remarks were made only because he was jealous of the other men his girl was seeing and because he was horny and trying to get into her pants.... oh well, that makes it OK then, right?  Say what?  How can you imagine that insulting a woman's racial heritage would make her want to fall into bed with you? Does he really think that a girl like V. Stiviano, who has some pretty good gold-digger credentials in her background, is going to be attracted to an old goat like him as a lover?  Listen up Donnie boy-- it's all about the Benjamins. Got it?

It's an old and very sad story, but not a very interesting one in terms of world affairs. (to coin a phrase). As I write, the media feeding frenzy is still going on. Fortunately, it is waning, as these things don't have a long shelf life.  Now, they are all into discussing Monica Lewinsky's new article in Vanity Fair about her life since her affair with Bill Clinton.... yawn.  Monica who?  Monica wants to bury the blue dress and move on... Do it, Monica. Lord knows I already have. I am not about to pay $12 to scale Vanity Fair's online paywall to read yet another tell all piece.

Hey, maybe Monica and Donald Sterling should get together. Seems like they have a lot in common. Maybe Donald Sterling can sweet talk her into the sack.  I mean any port in a storm, right Donald?


Unknown said...

We're on the same page for sure. I am horrified by the almost total absence of news on the news, and the stuff that passes for news just pushes everyone down to the fewest number of brain cells. I think it's toxic. We have so many real problems right now, including racism, but so many others too, and this is just a sad old fart with dementia blathering on about stuff that's embarrassing more than anything.

Unknown said...

Agreed.... and the saddest thing is that the American media considers this news. Thanks for stopping by, Pam. Much appreciated. Don't blog much these days and am totally out of the loop, but had to say something about this.