Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Photoshop Anyone?

Chuck Schumer is furious, Mayor Bloomberg is livid and President Obama is not too pleased. We won't even talk about how the people of New York feel about seeing a jet flying low over the financial district, but the White House Office of Military Affairs got their pix of an Air Force One look alike flying low over New York City.

SNAFU. FUBAR. Haven't these guys ever heard of Photoshop? Your tax dollars at work folks. Enjoy!


Andrew T. said...

"We here at the US Government strive for realism in everything we do."

Photoshop. Absolutely!

pinkpackrat said...

LOL dontcha just love it?

JamaGenie said...



They need to update the film of AF1 flying around the Staue of Liberty why???


pinkpackrat said...


Anonymous said...

323...thousand dollors for a photo op. people are dying on the vine and the govt continues to to this kind of b... s..t.dam im just disgusted. were in the hell did all the brains go. stupid.

Anonymous said...

I´ts one of the must stupid things Ive ever heard!
what´s wrong with those people?