Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Limbaugh Distraction

So here we are this fine  first week-end. in March and lots is afoot in the world. President Obama made a speech the other day telling both Israel and Iran where to get off and clarifying a rather tough stand for the USA which could possibly lead to war with Iran. Horrible things happened to innocent people this week in Syria as a brutal regime, backed by Russia's Putin, stands pat. . In Afghanistan, they are killing American soldiers ( why are we still there, anyway?)  and in Pakistan where it's hard to tell the terrorists from the corrupt government officials everybody seems to be killing anybody they can get their hands on. There are elections in Russia and food riots in Greece as the Euro gracefully plunges to an early demise between Christine La Garde and Angela Merkel, the two European ladies of the moment.

Meanwhile, back in the USA this Saturday, the bigtime bloggers and CNN talking heads are talking about none of the above. So, the American TV watching, newspaper and blog reading public is stuck with the excesses of Rush Limbaugh and how awful it was he called law student, Sandra Fluke, a perfectly nice girl who thinks insurance should pay for birth control pills  a slut.

I hasten to add that I am no fan of Rush, but come on folks-- he's a jerk-- an ignorant fat kid who can't keep his foul mouth shut or his pants zipped. His radio show is a philosophical garbage dump and his business model is sensationalism. He does not care about truth any more than a porn star cares about good acting.  His slut remark did what he intended it to do-- it brought eyeballs to articles about him and new crazies to his radio show.  It may even get him a couple of guest shots on the news, who knows.

What is going on here is that everybody on social media is now feeling empowered and good about themselves. They are rejoicing in people power and the fact that they  were able to put pressure on advertisers and make them back off Rush. That's nice, and I applaud-- but in the long run it doesn't do more than burning a bra did back in the '60's.  I know because I was there.

 Big billionaires like the brothers Koch will step in to fill the gap for the moment,  and soon all will be forgotten and new advertisers will come out of the woodwork. And nothing-- certainly not the horrible attacks that women are under worldwide from men who hate them, will change.  Rush will still be on the air spewing garbage and laughing all the way to the bank and so will the talking TV heads.

Personally, I don't think the media should give scum like Rush Limbaugh the time of day. Let's discuss more important things like what President Obama has to say about his position on Iran.  Let's talk about what is happening in Greece and the possible downfall of the Euro. Certainly let us see what we can do about bringing clean water and broadband internet to every child in the world and let's encourage more not less transparency on the internet.

Because one thing is for sure-- things more important than the excesses of Rush Limbaugh are happening in this world every day, and we Americans are paying little to no attention to them.


Ahab said...

I like that picture of Rush -- accurate and completely revolting at the same time.

On a more serious note, if this is what Rush has stooped to, he needs to retire. Now.

Nomad said...

didn't he also say that we taxpayers should get something for paying for her sluttiness. Live a free video?

The man is revolting. And yes, he is a distraction from other more important matters.
However, sadly, bullies like this man always feel emboldened when nobody confronts them and the next thing will inevitably be worse.
So, I applaud people saying, "Enough is enough." For too long, the GOP has been able to use loud mouths like Rush to stir up anger while at the same, keeping a distance from his more distasteful remarks. The time has to come where they either come out and say that he must step down or apologize, or, on the other hand, say they support what he says.
And I also feel that once the public confronts these people, the next guy (and there are people even worse than Rush) will think twice about the statements that they make.

Audra Leigh Fisher said...

I agree about with you about not giving Rush the time of day in the media spotlight! He is a weasel!!!

Audra Leigh Fisher said...

I totally agree with you that Rush should not be given the time of day in the media's spotlight! He is a weasel!!!

Pamela Grundy said...

Corporate ownership of the media has done great harm to the U.S. It's pretty much nonstop propaganda and commercials day in day out. If you were to watch American television for a couple of weeks, you'd think that nothing is happening anywhere in the world except the Republican primary race, and that by the way, you should be thinner, richer, better-looking, and live in a nicer house with nicer stuff and, oh yes, take at least 15 different medications for things that may or may not be wrong with you.

pinkpackrat said...

wonderful comments-- thanks everybody. Ahab-- isn't that pic perfect? Nomad--yup he said her sex tape should be posted on YouTube. Gee I bet his insurance pays for his Viagra. Maybe he should post a sex tape too Hahaha- nooooooooo not going there:-) Anyway standing up is one thing, but a media frenzy about it is just feeding the troll.

Audra and Pam-- good to see you both and yup Pam, American TV is the bread and circuses of our time. The Rush hype just kind of makes that very clear

Sherri said...

The timing of your post is mother, who is not net-enabled, called me yesterday to talk about an article her niece had copied for her about the dangers of GM foods. Mom asked me why she had heard nothing about this issue on the TV, on the radio, or in the newspapers. Needless to say, we talked about how we Americans live in our own little world. Now I have to call Mom to find out what she's heard from and about Limbaugh lately...I'll bet it's a lot.

pinkpackrat said...

The proof is in the pudding-- thanks for sharing, Sherri