Thursday, April 16, 2009

So Much for the Tea Party

Thank God the tea party is over. It seemed like something out of Alice in Wonderland to begin with. Didn't you find the whole thing a little surreal? Kids carrying faintly racist placards, geezers in colonial costume, blue rinse ladies in wide brimmed hats festooned with teabags-- I mean it was a pretty bizarre happening from the looks of things on TV.

In spite of being billed as a grass roots, nationwide event, the whole thing had the smell of an orchestrated publicity ploy that didn't quite come off. From the use of the word "teabagging"( yes, Virginia, we all know what it means) to forgetting to get a permit to dump teabags in Washington's Lafayette Park, this was the gang that couldn't shoot straight. I don't know about you, but I was laughing my head off during most of it. It was like a cross between a church supper and a Saturday Night Live skit.

The Texas tea party featured lots of talk about Texas secceeding from the Union.... love it. Go ahead, Texas. Mexico is waiting to annex you. Adios, amigos. New York barely noticed and Boston simply tolerated the whole thing.

I am sooo glad it's all over. Now Fox News can get back to bashing Obama and MSNBC can get back to bashing Fox News and everybody can stop snickering about "teabagging"

Let's put the kettle on and have a nice, soothing cup of tea. Wonder what fun public relations stunt the Rush Limbaugh crowd will think of next?


Andrew T. said...

The comparison to a SNL skit is a deadly accurate assessment. It was funny and scary and bumbling all at the same time.

Understand, these people don't normally protest and they are reportedly coming back on July 4. I'm confident they'll fix the problems and be better organized the second time around.

With luck, they'll notice the extra money in their paychecks and figure out that it's a tax cut. Also, the stimulus will be in high gear and people won't be so upset as they are now.

Well done, Pinkie! (can I call you pinkie?)

pinkpackrat said...

OMG the thought of more of this crap on July 4th is almost too much to bear and of course you can call me Pinkie as long as I can call you "T"

Thanks for such a cogent, thoughtful comment. Now that you know where my political rants are, don't be a stranger:-)