Friday, May 29, 2009

Racism Republicans and Sonia Sotomayor

The Republicans have done it again. After proclaiming themselves an inclusive "big tent" and reminding us all endlessly that they are the party of Lincoln, the Republicans have let Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gigrich open their mouths on the subject of President Obama's Supreme Court pick, Sonia Sotomayor.

Rush has been calling Sotomayor a " reverse racist" (whatever that is.) Seems to me one can be a racist or not a racist, but not a reverse racist. In fact to even use the term "reverse racist" infers a racist mentality on the part of the speaker. But then our Rush was never the most cerebral Neanderthal on the block. His heart trumps his brain every time.

Newt has been comparing Judge Sotomayor to Harriet Miers and making all sorts of silly noise, in spite of the fact that Sotomayor's educational and legal credentials are flawless and she is far from an avid lefty. She was even appointed to her current job on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals by a Republican President.

All this right wing whining is not going to go down very well with either hispanic or women voters and is not going to do the GOP any good at all. President Obama is no fool. He made a very astute strategic choice and over at the White House they must be laughing their heads off at Rush and Newt. These guys are not only tearing up the Republican Party, they are making idiots of themselves. Why don't they just shut up?

Call me crazy, but it looks to me like over at the GOP, the inmates are running the asylum.


JamaGenie said...

"Reverse racist"? Rush and Newt really are scraping the bottom of the rhetoric barrel, aren't they?

Where are all the young Republicans? These days we only hear from the old geezers like Rush, Newt and Cheney, who don't get that the Good Old Party is a dead horse after Bush, McPalin and the financial meltdown.

pinkpackrat said...

Well, there is Megen McCain but she is kind of the only young'un out there. My question is what ever happened to the moderate wing of the Republican party?

Scout's Honor said...

The moderates are still here, but unfortunately they simply don't get the press like the loud-mouthed, attention whores Newt and Rush.

Yeah, so I am not overly fond of Newt and Rush as a Republican myself. They rarely speak for me.

That said, I am a bit concerned over some of her comments and rulings including the one about the firemen's testing geared toward minorities which allowed white firemen who scored higher to be passed over. Sorry, when my house is burning down and my children's lives are in danger, I simply want the best man or woman for the job--I couldn't care a rat's ass about quotas or which race passed at a higher rate. Affirmative action has pretty unfortunate consequences to merit and fairness as I saw when I was at Berkeley. I was so happy to see it go away in the state of California.

Also her comments about white men do indeed raise concerns about what type of agenda she would have on the bench. Those comments lack judgment, no matter how the White House spins it. The Supreme Court is for life. You want someone above reproach and the jury is still out on her.

As for the GOP, don't count us out. This snarl about GM and the economy will be probably lead to some shake up in mid-term elections. The taxpayers owns 60 percent of a bankrupt corporation? How on earth did that happen?!