Thursday, June 11, 2009

God Guns and Right Wing Crazies

Why is it that American right wing crazies carry guns and think they are doing God's work when they murder people? The last few weeks have been pretty hairy here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. The American Taliban is trying to force its nut-job notions down the throats of the rest of us once again and unfortunately they have the Constituional right to bear arms.

First we were shocked by the murder of Dr. George Tiller, who was gunned down in church by an extreme right wing, pro life, activist with a history of mental instability. Scott Roeder thought he was protecting the unborn by committing murder. How very illogical and how very sad. He doesn't seem to have cared much about the rights of the already born.

Dr. Tiller was one of the few doctors in the country performing late term abortions and while I have my own issues with late term abortion, I at least know what it is. A late term abortion is done at 20 to 23 weeks of an ordinary 40 week pregnancy. Nobody does abortions on a baby that is viable outside the womb( that's 27 weeks folks). Ironically, Dr. Tiller's murder has made him a martyr and has exposed the extremism of the right wing of the pro life movement.

Then, just yesterday, an 87 year old Neo Nazi walked into the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC carrying a gun in his hand and hate in his heart and started shooting up the place. James W. Von Brunn killed one security guard and critically wounded two others before being shot himself. He is currently in critical condition in a DC hospital.

This guy too is clearly one sandwich short of a picnic. He's a white supremicist who hates black people and Jews. Guess who he scapegoats for all the world's problems. You got it: blacks and Jews. He had a website and a whole history of angry paranoid rants not to mention an ex-wife in Florida who claims to have divorced him years ago because he was " a racist, abusive, alcoholic." In 1981 Von Brunn broke into a meeting of the Federal Reserve and tried to kidnap a member of the board of governors. You'd think that somebody like that wouldn't be allowed to own a gun, wouldn't you ? But no. Not a problem. He probably owned a whole arsenal.

Two politically motivated murders in less than three weeks. Quite a record for the right wing isn't it? These people would be pathetic if they weren't so dangerous. Myself, I think that if Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity and Dick Cheney would just shut up and stop telling everyone the sky is falling it might cut down on the murder rate and alleviate the fear based hatred that is running rampant these days.

I wish our American right wing crazies didn't carry guns.


Brodad Unkabuddy said...

And let's not forget the murder and maiming of our soldiers on the street in Little Rock, Arkansas by a radical Islamist. Uh, I think that may be classified as an act of terrorism, wouldn't you? And one can't help but think Obama's treatment of Israel might have something to do with the treatment of Jews in the US these days. As far as Rush and company spreading fear is concerned, the truth is kind of scary, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

He couldn't legally own a gun. He was a convicted felon. The law never stops criminals and nuts from having guns, just law abiding citizens.
Obama hasn't done anything to Israel Unkabuddy. Get a grip! If you believe anything Rush says,you need Meds.

novae said...

@Brodad Unkabuddy
The murder of the army recruiters in Aransas is often brought up by wingnuts as a way to change the subject when anyone properly links right wing hate with the violence and terrorism (yes, terrorism) rising in America because of it. Many people already consider Operation Rescue a terrorist organization due to their repeated violent intimidation tactics, and now someone directly linked to them assassinates George Tiller. If you cannot see the link between conservative incitement and the deplorable acts of violence erupting across this great land, you are either blind or participating in them. In America, we are supposed to resolve our difference through dialogue, not incendiary words which bring out the nuttiest of the nuts to commit horrendous acts.

Anonymous said...

So, when a Muslim does it it is terrorism but when a Nazi sympathizer does it it is not? Terrorism is terrorism. Rush Limbaugh wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on the ass...

pinkpackrat said...

Nice going Novae and Anonymous--you guys are right on the money:-)