Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sarah Palin is Hot for Halloween

Last year there were lots of little Obamas,Bushes, Palins and McCains ringing doorbells and yelling trick or treat on Halloween. This year not so much. It's just not a political Halloween in 2009, with one notable exception.

Sarah Palin
costumes and masks are flying off the shelves and even outselling Obama masks by quite a healthy margin. Go figure? The only other quasi-political figure who is even coming close to Palin in popularity is Glenn Beck. Not sure what that says about the the country but it is something to ponder.

Those who study such things say that this is the year of Michael Jackson and Star Trek. Political figures, it seems are soooo 2008. I guess that means lots of Gloved Ones, Captain Kirks and Mr. Spocks along with the usual pirates, ghosts, vampires, and ballerinas will be ringing my doorbell. There is no call at all for John McCain or Joe Biden masks, and little interest either in Dick Cheney or George and Laura Bush. Only Sarah Palin retains her rock star status for the Halloween crowd. Is there a message here?

I'm thinking that a Sarah Palin costume is really easy to pull off-- A pair of glasses, pit-bull red lipstick, a tailored suit, high heels, a shotgun and a lot of " you betcha's" would do the trick. Who needs a mask anyway and in this year of global recession and environmental awareness, it's definitely politically correct to make your own biodegradable costume out of junk lying around the house..

Interesting, isn't it that Sarah Palin is the only political figure who is really hot for Halloween this year. I wonder what it means, or if it means anything at all?


DEO said...

Palin isn't a political figure. She WAS the Governor of Guam, but she quit.

Glenn Beck and Scarah, that's sad....

pinkpackrat said...

Just think of all the couples going to Halloween parties this year dressed as Sarah and the first Dude and hey, I didn't know you could see Russia from Guam :-)

LondonGirl said...

would it be rude to remind you of a previous article about SP, where you urged us all to shut up about her?

pinkpackrat said...

heh heh-- well yes I did say I was done with her didn't I -- oh well, can't seem to stay away. Perhaps I am addicted to Sarah Palin-- at least as a keyword:-)

LondonGirl said...

You did indeed say that (-: