Friday, December 4, 2009

Folks Are Going Rogue for Sarah Palin

They are lining up  for miles in the malls of middle America to buy Sarah Palin's book, Going Rogue.  Who are these people?  Who is buying the book and why? I came across a video that attempted to answer that question.  Random people were interviewed outside a Borders store in Ohio a couple of weeks ago  waiting to get inside, buy the book and get it signed.

The mood was festive. The reporter was neutral. The questions simple and direct-- nothing complicated or loaded. The answers given totally blew me away.  When asked what they liked about Sarah Palin, fans offered generalities like" she is what this country needs" or ""she'll stand up for America"  New Left Media, which made the video, swears that they simply interviewed random people and did not skew the responses in any way and I believe them.  Here's what they said on YouTube
We interviewed only a few more people than ended up in the video, not hundreds, and what was cut was done for time purposes. The people were selected at random--some offered to be interviewed--and we were only there for about 90 mins

Point being-- this was not a set up. It was an honest attempt to find out who is buying the book and why and what they think of Sarah Palin as a potential Presidential candidate.

Check out this video.  Unless you are totally brain-dead yourself, it will scare the pants off you.



Susan said...

Governance as a personality cult. It's a natural progression from Reagan, to Clinton, to Obama, isn't it?
Really scary that people support someone and many can't say a single thing they specifically like about her policy positions.
We're just not educating ourselves, are we?

pinkpackrat said...

Right you are Susan-- the cult of the personality seems to be what getss people elected and it does seem to be a natural progression culminating in Palin-- but Palin, unlike Reagan, Clinton, and Obama, rally does not have even a basic grasp of facts or history. She seems to exist in a world of her own making.

What she does have is a basic shrewdness and ability to connect emotionally with people on a primal level-- especially people who are not used to being analytical and who identify with her victim psychology.

If as a nation, we are stupid enough to connect with our leaders as if they were movie stars or TV evangelists and select them on the basis of how they make us feel-- well then-- we really are doomed.

Thanks as always for reading and for your thoughtful, cogent comment

JamaGenie said...

Some of these people appear to be carrying a pre-purchased copy of the book and are only at Borders to have it signed (and pay another $16 to get snapped with "Sister Sarah"?).

As recent as 100 years ago, women couldn't vote because men believed "the little woman" was too stupid to make an informed decision in the voting booth. I venture women in the early 1900s had a **much** better sense of issues and candidates than the women lined up for the SS Rogue. It would appear the men have been infected with a terminal case of Dumbness too. (You're welcome.)

pinkpackrat said...

Good point Jama-- Is this what suffragettes marched, went to jail, and had hunger strikes for? It's a frightening thought.