Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Ugly Truth About Israel

There is an ugly new truth rearing its head in America. Israel is no longer automatically considered the good guy. Those of us raised on the heroic efforts of  its founders after WWII, the brilliance of it's underdog army,  and  who were shocked by what happened to Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics are saddened and disappointed to see how the nation of Israel is behaving these days. Can it be true that Israel is not wearing the white hat and that perhaps there is no black or white.  All hats are gray?

As accounts surface of what really happened last week when the Israeli Army attacked a flotilla bringing supplies to beleaguered Gaza, Israel is looking more and more like the aggressor, not the victim it would have you believe it is.

The ship, Mavi Marmara, was boarded in international waters and nine activists were killed. One Israeli soldier was wounded. It was definitely overkill.  The question being asked is who fired the first shot? Israel claims self defense, but with 60 reporters on board to witness and record the event, it is not possible for Israel to hush this one up. It tried. Reporters were jailed and their film and videos confiscated.  Both sides are putting their spin on the facts. As usual the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.  The story is being told on YouTube. Watch the videos below to get an idea of what I mean.

It's classic, isn't it?  Victims of abuse so often end up  becoming victimizers themselves. Hey Hey USA-- stop being the classic enabler . A  thorough, neutral, international inquiry is in order here-- not a show trial conducted by Israel  with President Obama as an " advisor"  For an excellent analysis of the situation and good links to even more information, see Glenn Greenwald's excellent article at

Interview with Al Jezeera Reporter

Video of Attack Shot and Edited by Israeli Defense Force

It's just like kids in the schoolyard. It's hard to know who started the fight so the only alternative is to stop the fight, separate the kids and keep an eye on the bully. The truth may be ugly, but it is important to get to it. Another ship challenged the blockade today and was stopped by Israel with no incidents. Let's see what happens next, shall we?


JamaGenie said...

As you said, the truth is somewhere in between the varying accounts, depending if one is pro-Gaza or anti-Gaza.

pinkpackrat said...

Essentially, the dispute is about real estate and there is no solution. Both sides are saying " You're on my land, get off" further complicated by the fact that both sides feel they have a quit claim deed from God and the Israeli's got their turf the old fashioned way, by conquest. What a mess-- there are lots of compelling arguments but no clear heroes or villains.... and as usual in war-- it is the ordinary people who end up getting screwed on both sides.

Julie said...

Is it common to not understand who is the good guy and the bad guy. I feel stupid at times for not understanding the reasons for this war. It's still about your land/my land? The inability to get along in the playground? Is it oil? Not oil?

pinkpackrat said...

This one, I think, is totally about turf-- at least in terms of the Israelis and Palestinians. Oil and politics play a part in who lines up behind who in the conflict, but at its base it is about two groups who both lay claim to the same piece of real estate.

LondonGirl said...

Interesting piece.

I think Israel's blockade is stupid, for many reasons. Mostly, though, I think it harms Israel.