Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tee Shirts for the Tea Party Crowd

At last,  tee shirts for the tea party.  I seem to be into tee shirts these days, but there are some very cool political  ones around, especially if you are a sane American watching the far right fall apart. Nothing like a good laugh to clear the air-- and perhaps the mind as well.

These dynamite designs are the brainchild of  Jeremy Kalgreen  who describes himself as " a slacker, former art student, and general ne'er-do-well."  You can view all of the  reasons why Jeremy is voting tea party here on his website and online shop and order up any of a dozen  in the collection for your next get-together on the White House Lawn.    I love this guy and I hope he makes a fortune.

Meanwhile, maybe these tee shirts will keep the tea  party crowd from carrying dumb mis-spelled  signs making ignorant statements. Hmmmm then again, don't hold your breath. Oh well, at least they will keep the rest of us laughing.

H/T to Political Irony for putting me on to  Jeremy and his political T's.

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