Saturday, September 18, 2010

Obama Cuts Government Waste

Last Thursday President Obama signed a bill which will eliminate $50 billion-- yes that is billion with a "B" of waste from entitlement programs. It is designed to stop all those dead people and jailbirds who are illegally receiving social security, disability, food stamps and other entitlements  from getting their monthly checks. Bad payments range from outright fraud to checks issued to the wrong person or for the wrong amount because of a typo

According to President Obama, an estimated  $110 billion  was wasted just last year through improper payments. To give some perspective, this figure is more than the budgets of the Department of Education and the Small Business Administration combined.  That is pretty mind blowing, isn't it?  The answer is not to eliminate entitlements, but to eliminate waste and fraud.

Stopping dead people from collecting Social Security seems like a no brainer. I think we should hear more about what the government IS doing and less about what it is NOT doing.

  It took eight years of Bush to get us into this mess.  Obama is getting us out as fast as he can.  Stay with him and don't give up. OK?


mommapolitico said...

I was happy to hear that The President spoke out this week about the legislation to provide some transparency for the Citizens United ruling. I think the Administration needs to get out their message, like they used to do during the campaign, using surrogates to get the point across, confront bullpuckey GOP claims, etc. Bill Clinton has really nailed it on the head on The Daily Show. I posted it to my blog - take a look when you get a chance. My Nana always said that the worst Democrat is better than the best Republican. I admire what The President has accomplished so far, but he has to make it known to the electorate if we want to get out the vote in November.
Great post, Pink. Keep fighting the good fight, Girlfriend!

pinkpackrat said...

I'm with your Nana, momma-- although I come from a long line of Republicans -- some of whom are somewhere to the right of Louis IVX in their political thinking.

I think Obama is starting to speak up and speak out and that is a good thing. We'll see what happens in November. Thanks for reading and commenting. You keep up the good fight too-- sisterhood is powerful dontchaknow:-)