Saturday, October 23, 2010

Don't Stay Home. Get Out and Vote

Listen up my fellow Americans. Did you know that historically, only  four out of ten registered voters vote in mid-term elections ?  It's true, and this year since lots of people are disappointed, the figures are set to look even worse.

The young voters who made such a difference in 2008 don't seem to be engaged in 2010.  The left is feeling let down and disgusted by an administration that has not, in their view, gone far enough. .Independents are frustrated and angry at the ongoing partisan wrangling and gridlock in Washington, and the rest of us are sick of the mud slinging and media hype.Times are tough, jobs are scarce and  people are scared and cranky.

In contrast to this deflated feeling, the extreme right is riding high, energized by the billions poured into the tea party movement by conservative moneyed interests for their own reasons and the media hype being used to manipulate the masses. Frightened people are buying the crap that is being handed out and think winning back the Congress for the Republican Party( that's the party of NO) will change things.  It won't, but they don't know that and I, for one, hope they never find out.

The bottom line is that people don't think things are getting better-- but here's the thing.  The Obama Administration actually averted the worse financial disaster since the Great Depression and things are getting better-- just not very fast.  It's hard to campaign on the fact that things would have been worse if they had not been in power, but it's true.

Do you really want to let the folks who got us into this mess get back in the saddle by becoming the majority in Congress?  Do you really want big corporations and lobbyists to have even MORE power than they do? Do you really want insurance companies to be able to continue to raise your healthcare premiums while denying you healthcare? If your answer is NO--then you have a moral obligation to let your voice be heard through your vote.

This year in 32 states you don't even have to wait for election day.  You can take advantage of early voting and do it at your convenience.  There are senatorial races, congressional races and important gubinitorial races that are really really important.

Your vote is needed.  So no matter how disappointed you feel, or how busy you are,don't stay home.  Get out and vote.

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