Sunday, October 3, 2010

LIberals Come Together as One Nation On The Mall

Look at that crowd-- thousands-- hundreds of thousands of Liberals, Progressives,Democrats, Independrnts, and perhaps even some moderate Republicans, spilling across the National Mall to show that it's not just Glenn Beck and the Tea Party that can pull off  a rally. They converged from all over the country yesterday to prove a point.   Look at them. They are black, white, Asian, young, old and totally diverse. Notice that not one of them is wearing a colonial costume or a funny hat.  They are a real representation of  the multi racial, multi cultural nation that is who we really are. Their demands are about jobs and the economy, not nutty conspiracy theories. Their signs make sense and the spelling is OK. 

Isn't that amazing? And today's rally was just the beginning.  There are smaller  events  and get out the vote efforts planned for the upcoming weeks, right up to election day.  Check out the website for details. or go to the One Nation Facebook page

yup-- it isn't over till it's over and the fat lady hasn't opened her mouth  yet.


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pinkpackrat said...

So glad the real grass roots majority is finally making itself heard

mommapolitico said...

Thanks, PPR, for the coverage. The Hubby and I have been marveling at the lack of coverage in the MSM for this important event. Great post - terrific picture! Keep fighting the good fight, Girlfriend!