Friday, October 29, 2010

Right Wing Violence Gets More and More Scary

There is an undercurrent of violence on the far right that has a Nazi storm trooper quality to it that is more than a bit unsettling. This was brought home rather forcefully earlier this week when Move On activist, Lauren Valle, was kicked to the ground and stomped on by Rand Paul supporters at a rally in Kentucky.

One of my favorite blogs(and one I recommend following for cogent comment on the American political scene) The Fifth Column , had an excellent post today detailing the string of  attacks targeting liberals and progressives. Hop on over and have a look. It's a little chilling.

All I can add is the video below.  Ms Valle suffered a concussion and shoulder injuries and was briefly hospitalized. She maintains it was a set up.  Her attacker claims she owes him an apology.

  In the interest of fairness, I've included a  second video with commentary from the right wing perspective. What do you think?  Personally,I'm waiting for the torchlight parades and Krystalnacht

Here's the way the Rand Paul folks see it - draw your own conclusions.


SPN Headines said...

Obama declares Rand Paul "ineligible" after head stomp incident. SHOCKING story at:

Peace! :-)

pinkpackrat said...

That is one funny blog you have got there SPN. I just went and checked it out... we may not be on the same page politically, but you make me laugh and that is definitely so much better than head-stomping and choke holds--bless you and Peace to you too. I'm following you now and adding you to my blogroll. Thanks for stopping by.

mommapolitico said...

I am pretty worked up over all the violence we're seeing, and on the verge of doing a post myself about it all. Who is calling who a fascist these days??? This is how it begins, with head-stompings and voter intimidation. It's a scary time. Thanks for the important post, my friend.

pinkpackrat said...

and thank you momma, for reading and commenting. Let's keep our fingers crossed on election day