Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Morning After Cartoon

I am not a happy camper this morning.  The good news, from my point of view,  is that Democrats held the Senate.  The not so good news is that Democrats lost the House.  We all know that the economy is the problem.We all agree that Congress is corrupt and government is broken. We dis-agree on how to fix it.

At least a few of the real whackos did not get elected, which tells me there is at least some sanity out there. Now, let us see what the new Congress will do..

 I'm not convinced that it makes any difference whether Republicans or Democrats are in the saddle in Congress. Both sides of the aisle have been bought and sold by fat cats and corporate interests for years.. For the average Joe, who can't get a loan or a job and who is worried about having to sleep in his car, it is still and always " all about the economy, stupid"

It's the morning after and I've got a hangover. Let's see what changes now in Washington and what remains the same.

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