Monday, December 6, 2010

Is the United States Becoming A Banana Republic?

Senator Bernie Sanders lives in Vermont but has New York City in his soul and he tells it like it is.On the floor of the Senate,he recently gave the facts and figures that outline an ugly recipe for class warfare.

Sarah Palin and the right wing nut jobs like Beck and Limbaugh stir the pot for their own reasons.  However,as Jesus said: " they know not what they do."

We all know that the American middle class is losing ground, the poor are growing in number and the richest 1% of Americans are just getting richer. According to Sanders, One percent of the people earned 23% of the income last year ( think Wall Street bonuses) which is more than the total earned by the bottom fifty percent.  Keep that up and you have a perfect recipe for revolution.

The problem is what to do about it. Republicans and Democrats are busy squabbling  while most Americans are just trying to figure out what happened and who to blame. Bernie Sanders sounds a warning bell. Are we becoming a banana republic without the bananas?

Watch the video and give it some thought.

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