Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Julian Assange is Wiki-Leaking All Over Town

Fox, CNN and all the sleezy tabloids  are  just having a ball with the gory details of Julian Assange's  sexual indescretions-- It is all just too tacky and TMI, and while Assange was pretty stupid to step into what may or may not have been a honey trap, set for him by God only knows who, this is certainly not rape and does not justify all the hoopla and attention it is getting.  The New York Times account at least makes an attempt at dignified journalistic reportage.

"The Swedish report traces events over a four-day period in August when Mr. Assange, a 39-year-old Australian, had what he has described as consensual sexual relationships with two Swedish women. Their accounts, which form the basis of an extradition case against Mr. Assange, state that their encounters with him began consensually, but became nonconsensual when he persisted in having unprotected sex with them in defiance of their insistence that he use a condom."
and here comes the good part
"The case has prompted widespread controversy, with supporters of Mr. Assange alleging that he is the victim, and the women are complicit, in an American-inspired vendetta seeking to punish WikiLeaks for posting hundreds of thousands of secret American documents on the Internet."

Don't we all just love a juicy sex scandal?  Yes, we do and that's what sells advertising-- and in America, that's what shapes public opinion.  Whether or not it is a conspiracy theory as Assange-ites assert or just an unfortunate confluence of circumstance only time will tell.

Wiki-Leaks has been sharing secrets online and embarrassing the rich and powerful for years-- it is a kind of Robin Hood site that reflects the new reality of the transparency and reach of the internet.  Anybody can send stuff to Wiki-Leaks for publication and lots of people do-- some of it is important and some of it not.  While America may be embarrassed by the gossipy political revelations of Cablegate, it is not, for the most part, being endangered. On the other hand, some powerful egos are being bruised  and there is definitely a new, internet based,  information paradigm in town

Whatever you think of Julian Assange, he is one smart cookie and clearly not doing what he is doing for personal gain-- I am sure that if he could be bought, he would have been by now.   Whether it is idealism or ego, he is totally changing the information landscape in a way that benefits the ordinary person.  In this internet age, information is power and Assange has the ability to give power to the people and THAT is perhaps what makes him seem so dangerous to the powers that be.

The fat lady hasn't even opened her mouth yet, but it is clear that this whole bruhaha is about a lot more than sex in Sweden and broken condoms. Julian Assange is taking a wiki-leak all over the global power elite and it is making them a little nervous. Fasten your seatbelts folks -- it's gonna be a bumpy ride.


mommapolitico said...

Great piece. It's too soon to tell what truth lies behind all the smoke and mirrors. We'll see whether this tangled web has anything to offer.

pinkpackrat said...

One way or another, he's already changed the information landscape