Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ian Murphy Can Haz Political Campaign

The name Ian Murphy may not immediately ring a bell, but I bet you remember the Buffalo Beast editor who pranked Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker  last month by pretending to be David H. Koch and getting Walker to reveal his union-busting agenda in what he thought was a private phone call..

 Guess who the prankster was--yup it was Ian Murphy, bon vivant, political gadfly and gonzo journalist.  I love this guy, so though I am not in his district and not even in New York State, I am thrilled that he is running for Congress.

And here comes the best part.  Murphy is running on the Green Party ticket in a special election to fill the spot of   tah dah ( you are gonna LUV this) Chris Lee aka the Craig's List adulterer. Remember him?  He's the Republican Congressman who was trolling Craig;s list for dates and sending out bare chested photos and resigned when his wife and the media found out. You gotta love those Republican " strong family values" types.

Murphy is not soft on the issues.  Here's a bit of his platform, straight from his website  For more information plus the complete campaign platform go to  Murphy Can Has Congress and look around.  You won't be sorry, oh and you can make a donation or volunteer your time there as well.

 Craigslist Transsexuals
I am pro-Craigslist transsexuals. Unlike your last Congressman, however, I am not a terrible hypocrite. And unlike my Republican opponent, I am not a discriminating jerk.
 Tax Billionaires
The divide between the haves and the have-nots hasn’t been this wide since the Great Depression. The middle class is being ripped off and lied to. Crooks on Wall Street receive bailouts and bonuses, for stealing your money. People are working harder than ever, for less and less. This pisses me off. It should piss you off, too.
When I’m elected to Congress, I’ll fight to shift the tax burden away from the middle class and the small business owners of the 26th district. It’s time the U.S. had a sane, progressive income tax and corporate tax structure.
When Warren Buffett’s secretary pays more income tax than he does, you know something ain’t quite right.
 Adorable Puppies
I am pro-adorable puppies. When I’m elected to Congress, and if you’re good, I might get you one.

If you llive in New York State's 26th Congressional District, don't forget to get out and vote on May 24th for Ian Murphy--a laid back dude seeking votes, and maybe more.  If you don't live in Murphy's District, you might want to support him anyway, just to say thank you.  At the very least, you could follow him on Twitter

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