Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Onion Outs Facebook as CIA Front

It was on the internet and TechCrunch blogged it so it MUST be true. The Onion never lies, does it?  Watch the video  for the whole sordid story.

Mark Zuckerberg( code name Overlord) has made it possible for the CIA to cheaply and efficiently monitor the whereabouts, activities and opinions of people all over the world, thus saving the CIA( and by extension, the American taxpayer) tons of money.

Other CIA efforts, such as Twitter, evidently haven't worked out as well according to  The Onion-- " “400 billion Tweets, and not one useful bit of data was ever transmitted.”

You have to watch this a couple of times to get it all.  The Onion is relentless and so on target when it comes to spoofing everything-- from social media to TV talking heads ( not to mention the CIA) 

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