Saturday, March 19, 2011

You Call This A Cease Fire?

What kind of Cease Fire is this?  I am tired of watching Gaddafi's hired thugs mowing down innocent people. The man is crazy and truly evil and this is what he calls a cease fire.  Hello?  Unless somebody stops him he is going to kill everyone in the whole country.

 This is genocide on the scale of Rowanda and Bosnia. The world has an obligation here and time is running out. Have a look at this video of a Libyan war plane, evidently shot out of the sky today by the beleaguered people in Benghazi. They are brave and they are hanging on by a thread.

While world leaders dither in Paris, Ghaddafi's mercenaries are entering the city of Benghazi where they will be difficult to dislodge from the air.  Every minute means more death and destruction.

Please world, stop talking and DO something.


Looks like they eventually got it together in Paris. French, British, and Canadian jets are on their way to Libya to  enforce the no fly zone.  French warplanes are already on the scene and have taken out several targets.  Vive La France!

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