Friday, April 8, 2011

Donald Trump is A Space Alien

Donald Trump isn't the only one who can make crazy statements assertively.  If he can spout all his birther crap based on nothing at all, then I can certainly start an internet rumor about him.  Here we go.

Donald Trump is a space alien.  Yes he is. Think about how he appeared out of nowhere on the  NYC power real estate scene 30 years ago.  Does anybody remember his childhood-- NO.   He wasn't born, he was hatched  and was brought from another galaxy and deposited on earth to be reared as an earthling in Queens-- the most suburban of New York City's outer boroughs.. You can't get more alien than that, can you?  Obviously, he's not a REAL American. His birth certificate is a flawless forgery I bet.

He is controlled by his handlers on Alpha Centauri via a communications implant concealed under his comb-over.   Why else would he wear his hair in such an odd and alien way.  Any real human being knows that bald is better than buffoonery.  No wonder Ivana dumped him.

That somebody this crazy could be seriously running for President scares the hell out of me. That he could be number two in the polls, right behind Mitt Romney as a potential  Republican candidate is scarier still. On top of that, the right wing nut jobs in Washington, fresh from lowering taxes for the very rich are slashing education and benefits for the old, sick and poor and if they don't get what they want, they are  going to shut down the government in  just a few hours.  This is totally crazy.

Yup, Donald Trump is a space alien who will fit right in there in Washington . The inmates are totally running the asylum.  Now, where did I put my tin foil hat? I'll need it on Alpha Centauri.


JamaGenie said...

"The Donald" is living proof that money doesn't necessarily mean one has even an average IQ, only that one never has to acknowledge - or be embarrassed by - the degree of his stupidity.

mommapolitico said...

Trump is an egomaniac. He's decided to fill Beck's shoes as the idiot on TV spewing conspiracy theories. After all, his show was getting lower ratings as time went on, and he needed some extra attention. He's an utter joke.

But then again, we here in CA all thought Ah-nuld was a joke when he ran for Governator. It still amazes me how many people came out to vote for the first time because they wanted to vote for their favorite celebrity. That's what worries me about Trump.

He'll either be the best gift the GOP has given the Dems in a long while, or there's an off-chance he could just be our worst nightmare. Stranger things have happened.

Great post, and I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of the bouffant-adorned wonder.

Pamela Grundy said...

lol! Although, sadly, I think he's just a colossal human ass--a character trait which seems to be a prerequisite for today's aspiring GOP candidate. I'm very tired of the clown show and the way the media just gloms on to anything mean, weird, and celebrity-like. So horrible, especially now, when so much is very wrong in our country.