Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rupert Murdoch is the Anti-Christ

I'm not much on apocalyptic visions, the Book of Revelations or even the prophecies of Nostradamus.  And maybe calling Rupert Murdoch the Anti-Christ is a bit much, but his downfall has been a long time coming and nobody could be happier than I to see the House of Murdoch  begin to fall.  I'm thinking that this is just the beginning and I am definitely licking my chops.  I've watched the shameful shenanigans of Fox News for years and I was sick when Murdoch acquired The Wall Street Journal after what I watched him to to The New York Post.  You would be amazed at what that man owns and the media power he wields world-wide.

Shutting down  The News of the World and  jettisoning  the Skye TV deal in the UK are  Murdoch;s attempts to stave off the inevitable, but I have a feeling that as Scotland Yard's  full scale investigation proceeds and the real scope of Murdoch's power becomes obvious, outrage is going to grow around the world.

The Brits have a thing about fair play  ( all that stuff about the Battle of Waterloo being won on the playing fields of Eton dontchaknow) and they are on a roll now.  We yanks are less about  " how you play the game".  We think winning is the only thing and we don't  like losers.  On the other hand, we don't like cheaters either so now that Several U.S. Senators, including New Jersey's Menendez are howling for an investigation into Murdoch's States-side activities, particularly those relating to bereaved 9/11 families,  things are going to get interesting in the USA too. The FBI is nosing around this one too.,

The Tea Party types who worship at the Fox News shrine are already making excuses for Murdoch. But even they are going to be shocked at how they have been duped. Like they used to  say on the streets of , Brooklyn " Fish stinks from the head" and Rupert Murdoch has instituted a corporate culture of  secrets and lies along with a total disregard for the rights of the little guy that I think will  insure his downfall....and who knows, maybe he really is the Anti-Christ after all.  That will definitely surprise the worshippers at the Fox News shrine.

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