Monday, August 8, 2011

Momma Politico Tells It Like It Is on American Jobs

If you don't already know Momma Politico, let me introduce you. She is a fellow liberal, progressive blogger who is informed and passionate.  I find her blog a " must read" and I'm thrilled she is now co-hosting  A World of Progress Radio , every Sunday on Blogtalk Radio.  I'm even more thrilled that she agreed to do a guest post here-- Read on an enjoy. Oh yes, and don't forget to  follow her on Twitter at @Mommapolitico

Hey, there, my fellow Politicos! I'm Perry MacNeil, blogger at Momma Politico. My blogpal, Political Packrat, has so generously offered me a guest post here at her site, and I am delighted to accept her kind offer.

And right now we find ourselves in difficult times. Unnecessary debt ceiling battles. Over 14 million Americans unemployed. Millions more so discouraged over the length of time they've been unemployed that they've just quit looking - and are not even included in the unemployment figures anymore. Yet the top 1% of this nation still holds 50% of the wealth, and pays little or no taxes, despite the tax rate they are slated to pay. The Rethugs claim they're being "teabagged" into taking the economy hostage, and many GOP members are willing to "shoot the hostage." This is the insanity in which we now live each day.

Do you have a job right now? Do all you can to hang onto it, my friend, because there are no more coming down the pike. Out of work? Hang on to your hat, if you still have one, because at least nine states are cutting, shortening, or abolishing unemployment benefits. What is a grim situation grows more impossible every day.

The GOP try to pin the lack of economic growth and now, the downgraded credit on the President, but it all fits perfectly into McConnell's "Obama as a one-term president" strategy, but the lady doth protest too much. The Rethugs are happy as Hell to create an unsustainable situation. No more jobs being made, no taxes actually being paid by the richest people and corporations, and no end in sight. It's the perfect storm for a Republican win in 2012, in both the legislative and the executive branches. But there is more to the story.

There's an interesting phenomenon happening here. In recent polls, Congressional Approval ratings are the lowest in history: The New Your Times poll comes in with the record low of  82% of Americans disapprove of the job that Congress is doing. That's eight out of ten Americans thinking that Congress needs to remove its head from its collective behind...and this from polling by a relatively conservative-leaning publication. "What makes the American people think this?" you might ask. Well, the poll goes on to state that Americans feel creating jobs should be the priority right now, and they are obviously not agreeing that the GOP plan is creating them. I believe that most folks who actually work for a living like we do, simply could not believe the recent pettiness of the "pissing contest" loosely known as the "debt ceiling debate" (a real misnomer) staged by the GOP. And while they may have made their puppet-masters (read: rich and corporate donors) happy, they just may have inadvertently pissed into the wind, so to speak. With an election year rolling right around the corner, eight out of ten people just might kick any GOP/Teabag candidates out on their rears.

Is this just "buyer's remorse"? Perhaps, in regard to the Tea Partiers. After all, these were the idiots who claimed they'd go kick butt in Washington; instead, they stuck their heads in the sand and propelled forward the biggest economic disruption this side of the Wall Street Bailout. And the GOP candidates? Working class people are justifiably angry at the selfish power grab they're making, protecting their big donors from any tax increase, no matter how small...and just forget the fact that they don't even pay the taxes they are supposed to pay now. The lawmakers in this country have betrayed the intent of democracy itself. They've destroyed the idea of representative government - they're certainly not standing up for the will of the people. Meanwhile, they take the rest of the summer off, after taking a 2 week break for every week in session all year long. Nice work if you can get it.

I'm not one that makes a lot of predictions, primarily, as Rachel Maddow says, "I'm terribly bad at prognosticating." But I will make this prediction, right here, right now. As long as the Democratic Party continues to stay on message and point out the unjust inequities and favoritism of the GOP toward the rich and the punishments they deal out to the poor and the middle class, we'll have a Democratic Congress come November 2012. And as long as the Tea Partiers continue to grab the GOP by the cojones, well, the Rethugs will hold the line and keep protecting the status quo, while letting the Tea Partiers take the blame. Thankfully, this time around the American people are smarter than that...a good 82% smarter than last time.

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My thanks to Political Packrat for generously loaning me her soapbox this week. Hope we can do it again sometime!


JamaGenie said...

Good job! Well done!

Unknown said...

Great article, as usual. From now on, I will refer to the Tea Partiers as Tea Partisans.

And to hear Mitch Romney criticize the President for the S&P downgrade after staying silent throughout the process, makes my ears bleed Republican red.

Also, now that the corporate "go to guys" have tanked the economy Big Biz is going to Asia Land.,0,6537651.story

Recently, I read about an organization called ALEC @

Through ALEC, behind closed doors, corporations hand state legislators the changes to the law they desire that directly benefit their bottom line.

Welcome to the Fascist homeland.

Unknown said...

This was a great guest post and I am so glad Momma POlitico agreed to do it-- don't forget to check out her blog for more great food for thought.