Monday, September 26, 2011

Born To Run But Not in 2012

The GOP wants him, they love him, they woo him but it ain't gonna happen.  Chris Christie is like a virgin at a Jersey Shore beer blast...... tantilizingly out of reach and always holding out the promise of " not now but maybe later"

Christie takes his orders from above and is not gonna do anything to louse up his gig here in the Garden State. Between Bachmann, Perry, and ( God help us all) Donald Trump, the GOP has really been scrambling to come up with a date for the prom. Mittins is their only viable candidate so far for 2012-- but even with an opening big enough to drive a truck through, I think Christie is saving himself for 2016. 

Meanwhile, here in New Jersey, Big Chris  keeps making us offers we cannot refuse.  

Stay tuned, America. 

H/T to New Jersey Newsroom for cartoon by Mike Scott

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