Monday, September 26, 2011

Goldman Sachs Rules the World

That's the gospel according to a venal but honest Wall Street  trader named, Alessio Rastani . Check out what he has to say on the video below.   His comment to the BBC  on the subject of the Eurozone bail out was breathtaking, or as the interviewer said, "jaw-dropping."

The interviewer asked him if he thought that  financial disaster could be averted and he said " I don't care. It doesn't matter."  Huh? Can you believe it?  He doesn't care because all those people living in their cars and children going hungry don't matter because hard times are just a wonderful financial opportunity for him and his ilk.  He's been hoping for another depression because there were people who made fortunes during the last one. He said that. He really did. I thought the BBC lady was going to choke.  He went on to observe " Governments don't run the world. Goldman Sachs runs the world"

Maybe Goldman Sachs runs his world, but it doesn't run mine.  And I bet someone from Goldman Sachs will be in touch with him soon  for spilling the beans on TV .  I hope they at least have the good grace to be embarrassed.

Talk about being out of touch.  Talk about having no moral compass.  This guy makes Marie Antoinette look like a bleeding heart liberal. Watch the video. Your jaw will drop too.  If it weren't so shocking it would be funny.  Is this what we have come to as a nation?

Shame on us!!!


French Ann said...

Very interesting, I actually liked what he said. When he says that the world is being run by Goldman Sachs, he is only alluding to the fact that special interests, ie corporations and investment banks, rule, not the people.

Refreshing, although scary and devastating, that the moneyed privileged are no longer afraid to admit that democracy is dead.

French Ann

pinkpackrat said...

well, I guess the truth is always refreshing, even when it is not pretty-- but I am stunned at how cavalier these money manipulators are and how they simply don't get that their actions are hurting millions of people.

They are not creating value--they are just moving money around. That's not worth the millions they are paid.

Flash said...

It's been a long held belief that the bulk of sociopaths reside within the confines of business entities. Anecdotal as this video might seem, it goes a long way to confirming it.

French Ann said...

Right on Flash! It's called schizoid personality disorder, ie no ability to empathize!

French Ann

JF333 said...

youre all morons, he's not a real trader let alone "expert" keep believing what you read on some shite blog.

pinkpackrat said...

JF333 I think YOU are the morn-- and a very rude one at that. Alessio insists that he is a trader. Read this from Forbes which is definitely not " some shite blog"