Monday, October 10, 2011

Why The 99% Are Pissed Off

Why do the Sunday media pundits keep saying that the Occupy Wall Street movement lacks focus and coherence?  Huh? Fox News called them anarchists. New York  Mayor Bloomberg  just a few days ago called them " bad for the city"   Seems like the powerful 1%  is totally out of touch with the 99% whose voices are growing louder every day and whose demands are very clear indeed. 

They have been down there since September 17th and their numbers keep growing. It's not just Wall Street Anymore.  The movement is quickly going global with simultaneous events planned all over the world via social media. These are not just disgruntled students and out of work agitators. They are regular, ordinary people from all walks of life and they are pissed, but in the main peaceful. 

Who says they are not organized ?  Check out their live stream if you want a minute to minute update from Wall Street and a taste of the energy of this protest.  Real grass roots movements coalesce and grow organically like this one.  They don't spring full grown from the bowels of  conservative foundations and think tanks like the Tea Party movement did.  This is the stuff that real revolutions are made of.

 The video explains it all simply enough so that even a TV talking head can understand. Watch the video. Watch the whole thing and pass it along.OK? Take it viral and tell the world.  Oh and  a big round of applause for DC Douglas  .

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