Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Poetry for the 21st Century by Eric Allen Bell

This is a cry for our times, but you won't have to listen more than once to get it.  It's a 21st century morality play-- not that there is much morality in the 21st century-- and a work of pure genius.  The snippet below should whet your appetite.   Go ahead. Listen and  weep and then pass it on.  This video is too good not to share.

"The ruling gods of Capital
And their high powered friends
Keep faces buried in Mercedes Benz
The new Mercedes ME class
Equipped with public opinion steering
And passenger side body bag
There's never been a better time to own one
See your dealer today"


Words (c) Copyright 1995 ERIC ALLEN BELL
Video (c) Copyright 2011 ERIC ALLEN BELL

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