Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why The 99% Are PIssed, Part Two

Last week I blogged about the stupidity of TV pundits who don't get why the 99% are pissed and who really don't see that the Occupy Wall Street Movement is not a mess of malcontents, but a reflection of global discontent that spans age groups and continents.  It is definitely not going away soon.

This week I came across proof, in the form of an academic study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich,  one of the world's most respected universities, which concludes that Wall Street really does run the world, and that we are totally at the mercy of a small, tight-knit group of international bankers. The Swiss should certainly know about that, eh?  Here's what the study concludes:

147 companies account for the majority of  the economic value of all international companies, worldwide.  AND-- of the top 50 companies on the list, 45 operate within the financial industry. Do names like Barclays, UBS, and JP Morgan Chase  ring a bell?

So now there is proof that Wall Street really is Lord of the global economy and we the people are nothng but vassals and serfs.  Welcome to the new Dark Ages.  That is why the 99% are pissed and now there is an academic study that proves they have every right to be.


Pamela Grundy said...

Yes, the press is so bad it should be called something else at this point. HR? The Ministry of Propaganda? I don't know, but it's warped beyond belief.

Just got my daily desperate call from my bad job saying the whole future of the company is on me and if I don't get my butt in there pronto and make it all better, well, the impending downfall is on me...right.

So sick of that. Off. Not going in. Not calling either. How about a raise? Ten cents? Three? Anything?

I totally get what the protestors are mad about. Everyone does.

pinkpackrat said...

The only people who don't get it are the 1% -- and they may find out the hard way.