Friday, January 13, 2012

Vote For Vermin Supreme

At last, I've discovered a sane candidate for President-- or to put it bluntly--an alternative to the Republican clown car crowd. Vermin Supreme got shamefully little coverage during the New Hampshire Primary but he was on the ballot  and he got more than 800 votes.  Not sure what that says about the American political system, but it does say something about the sense of humor of voters in New Hampshire.

Pity we didn't hear more about Vermin Supreme since compared to Rick Perry  and Newt the nonsensical, he seems to be very practical and down to earth-- oh and did I mention honest? He's promised to stamp out gingivitis and give every American a pony. What more could the American people want?  

Is it time for a write in campaign for Vermin Supreme?  I think so.  Besides, he's got a great fashion sense. That is some hat he's throwing in the ring.

H/T to Meme Block on Tumblr for the photo.


Ahab said...

Hey, Vermin's looking better than most of the GOP candidates at this point. Is he of any relation to Vermin Vunderbaar?

pinkpackrat said...

haha I think Vermin Supreme's mother was a big comic book fan and was very taken with Vermin Vunderbaar so she named her son after him--Personally, I think he ia a far better choice than Romney, don't you?

Anonymous said...
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