Monday, March 5, 2012

Women, Birth Control Pills, The Church and Obama

I'm confused.  I do not get how the men in the Vatican(and I do mean men-- no women need apply) , who have covered up not decades, but centuries of child molestation and pedophilia, have the un-bridled gall to get their cassocks in a flap about American women using birth control and the American government paying for it.  This is not the Middle Ages and this is the United States of America, where at least in theory, we have separation of Church and State.

In the wake of the new health care law requirements, Parish priests are carrying on like outraged virgins reading letters from Rome from the pulpit and adding their own editorial comments about Obama and the American government wanting  to bring the Church to its knees etc. etc.

So the new health care law, which will provide health care to thousands of  under and un insured, will also require  Catholic institutions(which employ and provide health insurance to numerous non-Catholic women) to fund birth control pills for women who want them.  Guess what-- women who don't want them don't have to take them.  You would think that the clergy would be up for convincing their women they were sinning by using the pill rather than screaming like stuck pigs that just because they don't believe in birth control they should not have to pay for it for anybody. 

I do not know one Catholic woman under the age of 50 ( and I've known a lot of Catholic women)who has not used " the pill"   Back in the day, when I was a kid, Catholic families were large--seven eight or nine kids.... then BOOM!...., along came the birth control pill in the '60's  (oddly enough invented by a devout Catholic Doctor from Boston) and suddenly Catholics were having only two or three children. Those big families were gone.  Guess why?

March is  women's history month and Rome and the Republican party are celebrating by climbing into bed with each other to put the screws on women.. Both groups better rethink this one because American women vote both at the ballot box where they will re-elect Obama and with their feet as they walk out of church and take their children ( especially the young boys) with them. 

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Brett Cottrell said...

That's funny comic - although it took me a minute longer than it should have to get it.

I think part of the problem is that people have got to stop blaming God for their sexism.