Friday, March 23, 2012

Scott Braddock and The Texas War on Women

 Texas journalist and veteran political analyst, Scott Braddock,was fired on Tuesday. Read the whole account over at  The Raw Story  where Senior Editor Stephen C. Walker has done a great job laying out both the truth and the cover up in a rational, professional way. Go on over and have a look.  Here's a teaser just to whet your appetite.

"A well-known journalist was fired this week by a radio station in Houston after he featured excerpts from a shocking interview with a woman who was forced to undergo several medically unnecessary transvaginal sonograms to obtain an abortion, leaving the reporter wondering if he was canned over abortion politics, rather than station policy.

Of course, that's not the reason they gave for firing him--oh no-- there was some little face-saving, ass-covering whoopdeedoo that nobody believes about subbing for the host of a non profit radio show which theoretically violated some agreement he had signed ( yeah, sure-- ho hum--go on over to the Raw Story and read all about it). It's the good old appearance/reality syndrome once again folks. The boys in the back room have their panties in a twist over Braddock's even handed professional handling of Texas's new trans-vaginal ultrasound law and they don't take kindly to anyone telling them how to handle their women or their horses. No sireee they don't.

Here's a link to Texas free-lance writer, Carolyn Jone's moving piece on her personal ordeal which originally appeared in The Texas Observer. It was Scott Braddock's interview with her when he was filling in for host Geoff Berg on the show Partisan Gridlock, that started the whole bruhaha

I've gone over Braddock's Bio and listened to some of his clips and I cannot believe that in the country that I am a citizen of, an idiot like Rush Limbaugh can get away with calling a young woman law student a slut and  make disgusting insinuations about women in general. while a hard-working fair minded journalist like Scott Braddock gets fired for simply wanting to air all sides of an issue.  Where is that much vaunted liberal media bias that the right is always talking about?

Everything is bigger in Texas, but the video below, which was made when Virginia passed a similar law requiring trans vaginal abortions applies to Texas too.  A tip of the hat to Zina Saunders for making it.


AnonymousTexan said...

Thanks for the great post ! What happened to Ms Jones was psychological and physical torture. The firing of Scott Braddock for giving her an opportunity to tell her story was a travesty. If you're on Twitter please consider showing your support by following @webackbraddock
and retweeting this story. Thanks

pinkpackrat said...

Thanks Anonymous Texan-- I'm on my way over to Twitter now to follow @webackbraddock and I hope others who read this will be going there too.

JamaGenie said...

I hope Braddock is suing the station that fired him. He needs to make it an example of how NOT to treat an employee who all sides agree was doing a great job. If the left AND the right agree he shouldn't have been canned, makes ya wonder who had the not-so-bright idea to do it.

But look on the bright side. Only ten months until most of the War on Vaginas Brigade in Congress and state legislatures will be out to pasture, replaced by Democrats and - dare I say it - WOMEN!

We just have to make it happen. EVERY vote counts this year!