Monday, April 16, 2012

The Secret Service Makes Me Nervous

Talk about boys behaving badly. Eleven members of the Secret Service contingent charged with watching over President Obama at the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia this past week-end  have been relieved of their duties, along with five members of the military they were hanging out with.  All this is pending a Presidential investigation into their bad behavior last Thursday. Boys will be boys, but these guys were like a college toga party gone wrong.

The Secret Service was not so secret in  Colombia. Turns out these guys were out getting drunk in a strip joint and picking up hookers when they were supposed to be acting as advance men for the President's week end visit.  Thursday night they all went for a big blowout at a cheezy local club where they drank expensive whiskey, picked up a few hookers and  almost started a fight. But what really got to the folks in Colombia(where prostitution is legal, btw) was that after getting drunk on fine whiskey, and whisking the hookers back to their rooms at the oh so swanky Hotel Carib, they refused to pay one of them the equivalent of $47.00 for her services. 

What creeps. I can't help wondering how their wives are going to feel about this. I know I'm not exactly enchanted by the way the Secret Service is using my tax dollars.  What about you?


Ahab said...

I find the whole thing disappointing. I expect more of the Secret Service and military brass than these kinds of shenanigans.

pinkpackrat said...

me too,Ahab-- me too.