Tuesday, April 17, 2012

White Men Can Stand their Ground in Florida. Black Women Like Marissa Alexander Better Not Try It

That pesky Florida " stand your ground" law that was George Zimmerman's excuse for murdering seventeen year old Trayvon Williams, works differently if you are a black woman fighting off an abusive husband  who has threatened to kill you, than if you are a 28 year old Hispanic man fending off an un-armed seventeen year old black boy in a hoodie.  It seems that it is OK (as the law puts it) "to  use force in self defense without the duty to retreat first"only if you are a white or Hispanic male.

If you are a black female like Marissa Alexander, a black women in fear of her life from a violent and abusive husband against whom she had an order of protection-- if you are Marissa and have a legal permit and know how to use a gun, and if when your soon to be ex husband threatens to kill you nine days after you have given birth to his child and you fire a warning shot from your gun into the ceiling and call the cops-- well, in that case, when the cops arrive they arrest YOU, throw you into jail and you end up facing 20 years in prison.

Are you hopping mad yet?  I am.  Obviously, racism and sexism are alive and well in Florida. A woman who has just given birth to a premature baby is attacked by a violent husband with a history of domestic abuse and ends up in jail, while George Zimmerman actually murders a seventeen year old  un-armed boy and the law does not have enough evidence to take him into custody until there is a national public outcry and he gives himself up.  What is wrong with this picture, I ask you?  Go read Mraissa's online deposition here and then hie yourself on over to The Immoral Minority where Gryphon has posted a summary that explains the whole case in well organized bullet points.  You'll get the entire picture.

I don't know if it is just that Florida is more racist and sexist than the rest of the country or what.  All I know is that the " stand your ground" law is causing a lot of trouble and it has got to go.


AFV said...

The south still suffers from systemic racism. So sad. If they could only see how dumb they look.

Ahab said...

My God. Where is the justice?