Saturday, May 26, 2012

Remembering the Fallen on Memorial Day at Arlington

Memorial Day is not about sales at the mall or picnics in the park.  It isn't about beaches being open, offices being closed and summer vacation season starting either.  The photo above says it all.  You can feel the emotion in the young soldier's hand as it gently touches the cold marble of the headstone.  That touch speaks volumes.

More than 200,000 small American flags will be placed on military graves at Arlington National Cemetery this week end, by order of the Federal Government.   In local cemeteries, from big cities to small towns across the nation, a similar ritual will be observed thanks to local Veteran's organizations.  Each of those little American flags  represents a life given in battle. 

 The souls those little flags commemorate,those might have beens that never were,  are the real meaning of the holiday.  So, my fellow Americans, enjoy the beer and beach-- the park and the picnic-- but keep a spot in your heart for those little American flags waving over veterans graves.

  Happy Memorial Day all.  I'm off to celebrate!

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