Sunday, July 22, 2012

The " Bain" of Romney's Existance

 I'm getting a little tired of the bruhaha about Bain and I bet you are too.  Does it really matter how long Romney worked there and when he left?  The Romney folks say that Romney " retroactively retired from Bain in 1999.  The Obama campaign says:

"Mitt Romney is trying to insist that he is not responsible for his buyout firm after 1999, even though he remained the CEO, Chairman, and sole sharholder through 2001. Rushing to his aid, the Romney campaign said that Romney was not responsible because he “retroactively retired.”
 And what about those millions in personal money transferred offshore to the Caymen Islands, or that Swiss bank account?  What's up with that, Mitt? 

I don't know about you-- but I think truth does matter and I think Romney ought to release all the documentation necessary to clear up this matter.  There may not be anything illegal about a rich man  transferring his fortune offshore to avoid personal income taxes.  And there may not be anything illegal about  remaining CEO, chairman and chief shareholder of a  corporate entity charged with destroying American jobs-- but what about morality?  That is the real question.

Mitt can clear this up by revealing his tax returns and financial records regarding Bain.  I wonder why he won't do it?  Don't you?

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