Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Is The Face of Obamacare

26 year old Erica would not be here today were it not for one part of President Obama's Affordable Care Act that has already gone into effect-- that is the part about insurance companies not being able to deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions.  

You never think, when you are 26 years old and healthy, that you are going to get a brain tumor, but that is what happened to Erika.  Watch the video.  It will help you understand that the un-insured are not faceless, syncophants looking to leech off of those who have insurance.  They are ordinary people, just like YOU. And if they could be denied medical care in our system because of lack of money, so could you.

Obamacare is better than a system that lets insurance companies make life and death decisions for people on the basis of what is best for corporations......and permits people to go without medical care so shareholders will get dividends.  Something is very wrong when an insured 94 year old can get a pacemaker and chemotherapy for terminal cancer, while an uninsured 26 year old cannot get  brain surgery for a curable brain tumer...... not in MY America.
Four more years for President Obama.  Please.... it's a matter of life and death.

Thanks to on YouTube for the video.

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CC said...

This post is awesome. It's so refreshing to read. Thank you for sharing. I am self-employed and about to lose insurance from my former employer....