Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Susan B. Anthony Had It Right

Born February 15, 1820, died March 13, 1906) Susan Brownell Anthony spent her entire life fighting for  women. Her Quaker family gave her an education and equality with men unusual for a woman of her generation and she chose to use her educated  mind to fight for the rights of women everywhere 

Most specifically, she thought that women, as half the population, should have the same rights as as men  to vote for those who governed them-- and that women, as well as men should be able to run for political office, including President of the United States. From the founding of The Women's Party in 1848 on, she fought fiercely for the right of women to vote, but sadly died before the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution,  was passed in 1920.

Clearly, from the quote above,Susan B. Anthony  was also nobody's fool when it came to seeing through religious ideology driving politics.  Her quote rings as true today as it did a century ago.  She definitely got it right on that one.

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